Business Development Manager

Posted 1 year ago

Job Description for Business Development Manager

As a Business Development Manager with Jupitice Justice Technologies, you will be expected to be the first point of contact with a new potential client. You will be responsible for using your skills to seek relevant information & quality insights that can drive the decision-making process. You will be closely working with the Strategic Relations Team & would be required to generate quality leads. 

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Research & identify opportunities that can prove advantageous for the brand
  •  Stay up to date with new market trends, growth areas, customers, partnerships, products & services, or find new ways to analyze the existing market
  • Seek & reach out to potential connections & convert them into leads
  • Meet with potential connections & visit various industry-related events
  • Foster relationships & arrange meetings with potential connections (National/International)
  • Work strategically with the team & connections
  • Discuss, draft & implement promotional strategies with the department
  • Attend & plan industry-related events, seminars, and webinars
  • Draft compelling emails with a good understanding of the pitch for the connections 
  • Analyze projects and documentation & retract relevant information


  • 6+ years of experience with Strategic Relations
  • Good understanding of government schemes, policies & initiatives
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal/non-verbal)
  • Must be able to take the initiative & bring new ideas for growth to the table
  • Must-have confidence to deal with National & International clients

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