Documentation Specialist

Posted 1 year ago

Job Description for Documentation Specialist

As the Documentation Specialist at Jupitice Justice Technologies, you will be using your creative sense & be responsible for creating unique Proposals, Brochures, Newsletters, PPTs, & Annual/Quarterly Reports. You will work closely with the Management & Content team, who will guide you throughout the documentation process. You will primarily be responsible for curating unique, engaging & appealing content, which will be shared with employees and existing & prospective clients. 

NOTE: When it comes to content, we ALWAYS prefer quality over quantity.

What we expect from you?

  • Drafting & reviewing important documents that closely meet the organization’s needs before sharing them with employees & clients
  • Collaborating with various employees & department heads throughout the company to draft the documents as per their requirements
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills 
  • Serve as the main point of contact to draft, edit & review documents
  • Excellent Proofreading skills & ability to identify typos & grammatical errors
  • Deliver innovative ideas for how to grasp the audience’s attention
  • Seamlessly adapts to the working environment & takes initiative
  • Well-versed in research techniques
  • Open to feedback & make changes accordingly
  • Understand the latest industry trends along with regulatory changes & bring the best ideas to the table
  • Ability to meet stipulated deadlines & manage multiple projects/tasks simultaneously
  • Ability to communicate with the team, management & uphold brand & style guidelines
  • Have excellent project management skills & should be a problem solver, efficient, organized & collaborative
  • Possess attention to detail in terms of content 


  • 3+ years of experience in Document Writing 
  • Proficient technical skills & well-versed in the dynamics of Excel, Word, & Outlook. 
  • Background in creative writing/designing, CRM, or Marketing is an added advantage

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