Senior Software Engineer – D3

Posted 2 years ago

We are looking for a Front-End Developer with extensive D3. JS experience to support projects. We are looking for a skilled and motivated developer with expertise in interactive graphical representation of large data and/or streaming data. The successful applicant will be involved with developing user interfaces and data visualization tools from data acquired in collaboration with scientists, biologists, and/or clinicians across the NIH.


  • Candidates must have 3+ years of experience in web-based user-interface design and development.
  • Experience building large-scale, reactive web UI frontends.
  • UI design using HTML5, CSS, etc.
  • JavaScript build and bundling tools. ( webpack, requirejs, jspm, yarn)
  • Building interactive graphs using D3. js libraries like Troubleshooting web applications
  • Using debug tools such as chrome developer tools
  • Finding fixing bugs, cross browser issues, performance issues
  • Use of message-bus architectures and message queue implementations in a web UI. ( http2, websockets, wamp, websockets, server sent events, stomp)
  • Candidates must be comfortable working with:
  • Linux and MacOS operating systems
  • A ticket system such as Jira
  • A team documentation system such as Confluence
  • Source control (git), collaboration tools.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the Agile Development process

Preferred Skills

  • Experience with any/all of the following: Plotly Javascript, ParaViewWeb, Tau Charts, C3. js, Nvd3, and/or ReCharts
  • Open Street Maps (Raster/Vector Tile Servers)
  • Client-side mapping frameworks (Leaflet, mapbox, etc)
  • WebGL, Canvas, SVG
  • Experience with container (e. g. Docker) build and deployment
  • Listed examples of open-source work (e. g. github accounts)
  • Experience developing for mobile platforms (native or web-based applications)
  • Must have developed at least 1 project in Agile.


  • Bachelors Degree plus 2 years of experience in UI designing, or master degree .
  • 3- 6 years Developing and Designing visualization platforms .
  • Strong knowledge and experience with D3 JS.
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a team environment.

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