Software Engineer

Posted 1 year ago


* Hands-on experience with developing microservices with NodeJS and with a good knowledge of its ecosystems.

* Must have experience in environments include Git, REST APIs, HTML 5, CSS (LESS/SASS), JavaScript, TypeScript

* Proficient in writing SQL queries for MySQL

* Must have developed at least 1 project in Agile

* Able to write Unit test cases

* Knowledge of Jira/Confluence

* Front Hand technology framework (AngularJS/ ReactJS/VueJs)


* Write well designed, testable, efficient code

* Build tools using the above-mentioned technology stack

* Strong written and verbal communication skills

* Comprehensive understanding of the Agile Development process

* Handle deployment of the project on the AWS instance.

* Tend to any bugs or user feedback and enhance or fix the product accordingly.

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